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I was born outside the box with an irreverent sense of humor thrown in for good measure – there must have been a blue light special the day I was born and I lucked out!

Humor is a must because life is short and we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously.

Despite years of trying to fit in I found myself, and freedom, when I grudgingly embraced that I wasn’t cut out to be confined.  I’m happiest when pursuing new opportunities, trying new ways of doing business and overall staying outside the box unless special occasions require I step in for appearances sake.

At work my passion centers around the Customer and User Experience in both digital and old-fashioned human contact formats.  I like to align and integrate the perfect blend of humanity and technology into each solution– tough to do some days!

Strategically architecting holistic solutions that are pretty and practical, or elegant and optimized, if you prefer brings a smile to my face.  I firmly believe there is no reason a solution can’t be aesthetically pleasing for end users and include expected efficiencies such as 1-click technology.

 Disclaimer: All insights and opinions are my own and have been formed over many years of practical business and personal experiences; as both an employee and a business owner. They do not represent the views of  my current employer. MM